Product Description

Student with perfect logic of programming will become successful software developer or software engineer. So this book is written for those who want to develop logical power. While writing this book, author has considered that reader has no knowledge of programming. So, this book is best starting point for beginners to enter into programming world. This book is written in very simple language and also explains each and every program stepwise. This will help to build your logic development power. Mostly all type of statements are covered in this book but more focus is given on control statements and looping. According to author more logical development will be possible in these topics. Same logic is used in array topic. This book is helpful to all who wants to learn
programming. Following topics are covered into this book:
Input Output statement
Control statement (if, if-else, nested if, nested if-else, logical if, switch-case)
Looping ( for, while, do-while, nested loop)
File Handling