Perception on Micro-Insurance Products of LIC in India

Perception on Micro-Insurance Products of LIC in India


Micro insurance is a critical tool to help poor people manage risks efficiently. The increasing interest for base-of-the-pyramid insurance is fueling the rapid development of innovative products and delivery mechanisms that combine sustainability and value to clients. This book is aimed at underlining the importance of strong links between the risk management community and the public and private sectors. It focuses on the challenges of providing insurance to low-income people, from new products and delivery channels to consumer education tools, while examining institutional changes in regulations, providers and schemes. The scope of this book is both to investigate the linkage between disaster risk reduction and micro insurance and to address possible combinations of loans, savings and insurance schemes for low-income people to provide them with appropriate solutions for at least partial risk reduction, and for faster recovery after a disaster. The contributions point out the importance of micro insurance in reducing the risk of impoverishment, and in improving risk prevention and disaster management.


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ISBN 13: 978-93-87396-14-2
ISBN 10: 93-87396-14-2
Book language: English
By (Author): Dr. S. Pushpalatha
No. of Pages: 188
Published on: 25-10-2018
Category: Management

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Dr. S. Pushpalatha


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