Strategic Management Practices in Select Multi Branded Retail Stores

Strategic Management Practices in Select Multi Branded Retail Stores


This book presents a statistical analysis on occupational stress in steel industry. Moreover, this book presents occupational stress, impacts, analysis of the occupational stress and itsneed in industries. Also, this book reviewed various researches conducted by researchers concerning with major stressors of occupational stress, psychological and physical activities for occupation stress reduction, occupational stress in educational sector, health care, call centers, police sector, occupational stress among the journalists and in construction related industries. This book presents the research methodology and statistical tools applied for analysis. This book also explores the concepts of industry, needs and welfare of employees, steel industries and the organizational structure. In this book, the data are analyzed using the statistical tools such as percentage analysis, chi-square tests, one way analysis of ariance (ANOVA), and correlation analysis. Furthermore, this book presents the findings and suggestions to the employee and the organization in order to improve the productivity of the organization and minimize the turnover of the employee and improve the mental and physical health of the employee and increase the job satisfaction of the employee.


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ISBN 13: 978-93-87396-13-5
ISBN 10: 93-87396-13-5
Book language: English
By (Author): Dr. P. Hima Jagathi
No. of Pages: 319
Published on: 25-10-2018
Category: Management

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Dr. P. Hima Jagathi


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