C Programming

C Programming


In the years since the first edition of C Programming: A Modern Approach was published, a host of new C-based languages have sprung up—Java and C# foremost among them—and related languages such as C++ and Perl have achieved greater prominence. Still, C remains as popular as ever, plugging away in the background, quietly powering much of the world's software. It remains the lingua franca of the computer universe, as it was in 1996.
But even C must change with the times. The need for a new edition of C Programming: A Modern Approach became apparent when the C99 standard was published. Moreover, the first edition, with its references to DOS and 16-bit processors, was becoming dated. The second edition is fully up-to-date and has been improved in many other ways as well.


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ISBN 13: 978-93-84698-38-6
ISBN 10: 93-84698-38-6
Book language: English
By (Author): Dr. M V Bramhananda Reddy
No. of Pages: 235
Published on: 27-05-2017
Category: Computer Science and Engineering

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Dr. M V Bramhananda Reddy


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