Analogy-Based Software Cost Estimation

Analogy-Based Software Cost Estimation


This book presents Analogy-Based Software Cost Estimation in a very systematic approach. The aim of this book is to describe the application of analogy-based reasoning. This book helps to estimate accurate and timely prediction of the development effort. In Chapter 1 the author has presented the basic things about software cost estimation. Chapter 2 explains more on software cost estimation methods, in particular algorithmic models, expert judgment and analogy etc. Chapter 3 offers case-based reasoning, in particular case-based problem solving, learning in case-based reasoning etc. Chapter 4 deals detail literature review. Chapter 5 explains software cost prediction using case-based reasoning. Chapter 6 concludes with conclusion and future scope.
The author is accredited with immense teaching experience to the graduate and post graduate students in different organization of national repute. He has profound privilege to guiding research scholars. This book is suitable for advanced undergraduate, graduate and research students because the author has made sincere efforts to make the book a text book since he has prepared it on the basis his class room teaching experience and the need of the research scholars. I hope this book entitled “Analogy-Based Software Cost Estimation” will come up beyond your expectation of computer science and engineering and related disciplines.


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ISBN 13: 978-93-84698-29-4
ISBN 10: 93-84698-29-4
Book language: English
By (Author): Dr. Ekbal Rashid
No. of Pages: 72
Published on: 26-12-2016
Category: Computer Science and Engineering

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Dr. Ekbal Rashid


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