Tools and Techniques of Agile Software Development

Tools and Techniques of Agile Software Development


As the software engineering field develops, traditional approaches to
software development start to be inadequate. Customers of software development companies have more and more complicated requirements for their software. It is no longer feasible to develop all the components
of a system in-house. Customers expect the software to conform to their needs, even though they are not always able to define them exactly beforehand. Traditional software development processes, in which the customer’s first touch to the developed software is in the end of the project, start falling apart. To remedy these problems, new approaches are required. The software industry, software technology, and customers expectations were moving very quickly and the customers were becoming increasingly less able to fully state their needs up front. As a result, agile methodologies and practices emerged as an explicit attempt to more formally embrace higher rates of requirements change.


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Published on: 25-07-2016
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