Measurement of Tact Necessary to Prevent Industrial Disputes Leading To Loss of Productivity-With Reference to Industries in South Bengal

The thesis topic “Measurement of Tact Necessary to Prevent Industrial Disputes Leading to Loss of
Productivity—-with Reference to Industries in South Bengal” addresses directly the needs in
occupational psychology. It will also provide an invaluable source of specialist materials for many
other audiences including the employees of diverse industries. The thesis addresses the requirements one
by one in a […]

Managing A Software Project

Projects need to be performed and delivered under certain constraints. Traditionally, these constraints have been listed as “scope,” “time,” and “cost”.One side of the triangle cannot be changed without affecting the others. A further refinement of the constraints separates product “quality” or “performance” from scope, and turns quality into a fourth constraint. These three constraints […]

Eat and Taste your Career by Dr. Sonia Vatta and Dr. Mohit Bhatara

Today, life is very complex. Changes are very frequent in life. Technology, industry and people are changing day by day. About 20 years ago, career making was different, if we compare it with current job scenario. Now people have to be multi skilled to survive in economy. Even one professional degree is not sufficient. Many […]