Project Description

The thesis topic “Measurement of Tact Necessary to Prevent Industrial Disputes Leading to Loss of
Productivity—-with Reference to Industries in South Bengal” addresses directly the needs in
occupational psychology. It will also provide an invaluable source of specialist materials for many
other audiences including the employees of diverse industries. The thesis addresses the requirements one
by one in a self-contained way, although it makes every effort to cross-fertilize and cross-reference
across different subjects, in an integrated and coherent way.
There are indeed—as became increasingly apparent to me in writing this thesis—many fine lines that
can be drawn between occupational psychology and other disciplines, when it comes to focusing on a
particular work issue or problem. For instance, environmental psychology can inform us of theories
and concepts to understand why different types of attitude and behaviour can be found across
different types of office structure and layout. Other fine lines include cross-over into counselling and
clinical psychology, for example, in the counselling, coaching and developmental domains of
occupational psychology; into social psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive and sociocognitive
psychology, ergonomics, health psychology and even neuro-cognitive psychology.
It might therefore be a bit futile to claim a distinct knowledge base for occupational psychology,
because so many other overlapping claims on the topics it addresses. This does not mean that what
occupational psychology does is not distinctive. It is in the practice of occupational psychology that
we see our discipline most clearly, and in doing so, draw on the knowledge base of literally any field of
psychology, and so long as it can help shed light on a problem or issue, or soundly and accountably
inform our interventions.