Project Description

Today, life is very complex. Changes are very frequent in life. Technology, industry and people are changing day by day. About 20 years ago, career making was different, if we compare it with current job scenario. Now people have to be multi skilled to survive in economy. Even one professional degree is not sufficient. Many people are failed in their career and stuck in between. Stress and struggle for many years is very common now. Learning has become a continuous process till you are alive. This book is a complete guidance on how to survive in your career and how to change the career in middle of it. Current research says that people are changing career from 3 to 7 times in their life span. It is a complete transformation, new industry, new boss, new colleagues and new profile. This also results in stress, anxiety and worry. Failure is always an option, but not success. A complete guidance on career is very important, at particular stages. Planning is also very important, what people think after some time. If you are also thinking for career change, here are some tips.